Sunday, September 19, 2010

Building The Ark


It's been a while since I have posted anything at this sight,forgive me. Its been a busy year.

We had two more weddings this summer in our immidiate family and with my neice's wedding , who is like my own daughter , I'm counting three.

All that to say that I am back with something to say! Iam forming a new group that will be called " The Ark". It will most likely begin in the form of a blog and go from there ,God willing.


This sight will be a place where i will post all the new information that I am learning concerning our country and its leaders. Being a Christian there will be no compromise with the word of God! And For those of you who have any doubts or are still wondering , His Name is the "I AM'! BECAUSE He is the only one.

(Exodus 3:14)

The idea for this group came from picking up a book at my local bookstore at the beach last night. I read the first 44 pages and had to shut the book.

I was shocked at what I was reading about our President and the people he has surrounded himself with.

Now I have started listening to Fox news over the past few years, and Glenn Beck has opened alot of our eyes to what I call " the buggers ". Those things that are right under our noses and sometimes we are not aware of it. It takes a real friend to point those things out to us. Most would just sit back and hope we figure it out for ourselves.

Well I read about some real BUGGERS last night . Not only was I embaressed that they were there but that they had been around for sometime and I had not bothered to look. SHAME ON ME! So, the reason for this group is to get the attention of as many of my friends and followers on this blog sight to join me in this quest for truth.

Why Me? Because I am concerned at how many of you out there may be just like I was. Just going about my everyday life. Not paying attention to the details if you will.

Not looking deep enough at the people in our own government . Who are they? What is there background? Where did they come from? And why is our president surrounding himself with soooo many of them???

The goal of this new group is to seek out the truth, to the best of my ability. Post it; and discuss it with you. My hope is that more of you will join me in this search. That we will begin to look deeper and not rely on someone else to feed us all the info. Or keep it from us as the case may be! I will be the first to admitt that it will be pains taking for me. I feel so inept for this but God help me Im going to try!

I hope you will join me on this journey into the truth. Like Noah building the ARK, there will be some onlookers who will laugh at us, or tell us we are crazy, but one thing for SURE America .....THERES A STORM BREWING..... and we better be ready.

Stay tuned for more.....


Ashley said...

Amen Amen and Amen!!! I am on board and looking forward to what God has to show us and teach us! YSIC <><